A Date That Should Live in Empathy


It seems evident, in my corner of the world at least, that today people are feeling anger and frustration not just with the choices available to them, but also with the choices of those around them. 

This is counter-productive.

This spawns apathy which is the enemy of change, growth, and progress.

Today has begun, the machine is in motion, a result will be obtained no matter your preferences.

So, with that said, might I suggest we use today and the upcoming days to lean toward empathy. To understand where each other come from and why we feel how we feel. To ‘find echoes of another person in ourselves.’

Use whatever this is to bridge gaps and not let emotions widen them.

We can learn a lot about ourselves as a community if we just open ourselves up.

May not always be easy or quick, but things worthwhile usually take effort.

You ready to try?

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.” – H. Ford



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