Confessions of a Badventist


[disclaimer: This portion of the blog site exists for the sole purpose of creating a space for my brain to dump all the thoughts it’s not to supposed to have in it before they eat me alive.  I am not a religious scholar, pastor, or anything of the sort. This series of posts is not intended to persuade, convince, evangelize, critique, present a Truth or do anything other than vulnerably relay a perspective that is mine but undoubtedly not unique to me. These were written by me, for me. They may not be for you.]

The Genesis Conundrum

Part 1: The Bird’s the Word

Part 2: God Said It…

Part 3: What Does Genesis Say About Our Beginnings?

Appendix: Sometimes it feels like somebody’s watching me


Confessions of a Badventist – Certainty – I know that I know that I know