About Me

My name is Will James

I am many things:  a husband, a father, a lawyer, a musician, and probably most importantly, a Jesus Follower. I say Jesus Follower instead of “Christian” because I believe that “we Christians” have done such a poor job of showing who Jesus was/is, how He was/is, and why it matters. (Ghandi hit the nail on the head).

I choose to use a different term, not to be different, but because I now believe that what I thought was “Christianity” when I was younger was founded on a lot of stuff that doesn’t look like or sound like my Christ. So I’m starting over with Him.

This blog was originally intended to be a “ministry” I felt God had impressed on me, but I don’t like to use that term either (ministry) as I do not intend on “preaching” to you here. What this is… what I am trying to do is put into words what I know about the Creator, through having a personal relationship with Him. Not from what I’m told, or strictly what I’ve read or studied, but from real and personal experiences. See whatever God exactly is, not so unlike music, cannot fully be taught or read, it must be experienced.

This all started in 2008 as a strictly musical expression. I made a few albums and some people listened, so I thought I was on the right path. But something became clear to me as I developed in song writing: there is a lot of power in the notes you don’t play. There is a volume to silence when placed in proper context. Life, I discovered, works the same way.

This is why I say,  “All life is music and God speaks Between The Notes.”

But just as that musical development took time and practice, learning to hear God between the notes also takes time and practice. It is a journey, not a destination. If you are here on this page, then you are now on this journey with me. Now, I don’t know where this is going, what my ultimate goal is, or where I will be at the end of this journey. However, I believe I am not the only person in this space and whoever you are, out there, maybe you are right here with me.

Now, what began as a “ministry” is more or less just my personal journal that chronicles this process of me trying to “figure it out.” Why I’ve made this process public is as much a mystery to me as anyone else. I no longer have expectations or intentions. I’m just along for the ride.

However, I hope and pray that whatever brings you by this “blog,” moves you or speaks to you in whatever way blesses you the most and that I can enjoy the same in writing it.

-William James


  1. I am an SAE from SC Delta at University of South Carolina – 1981. I was really distressed to see that video at OU. I must admit that having attended USC and UT, I do know that racism exists in the world and in the Greek community especially in the south & southwest. I absolutely believe that national said and did the appropriate thing. Still, people such as you are damaged because of this and that is the grievous thing about all of this. I certainly pray that you come to understand that these children do not represent the either the fraternity or the community at -large. Blessings & peace to you always!

    Phi Alpha,

    Harry N. Harelik
    San Francisco, CA

  2. Hi! 🙋 I just wanted to say I am sorry that you had to feel the emotions felt from that disturbing video & face the experiences you did from other people of our color who didn’t understand.
    I am only a 15 year old girl, but what may not seem surprising is that I have watched discrimination happen in my hometown. Flint,MI. I guess the saddest part, being black dominated, is that African Americans displayed colorism towards each other. There were not many Caucasian kids there, but there was a girl who was, that people didn’t like just because. I’ve been to that school since the 1st Grade & was liked by all until the 4th. Guessing it’s because I accepted people that they didn’t – including a few other black girls.
    The next year, I was treated the same way they were treated. I never cared, though. I was friends with the real people. 💯 Me & the white girl were GREAT friends. She was one of the nicest people ever. (Plus, she was a Christian! 😇) But I was so hurt by the words that people of my own color has said to me. Even now, it still hurts.
    Now I live in Columbus, OH – an AMAZING city. I went to a school district with kids of different races – Blacks, whites, Asians, Mexicans,etc. One of my best friends today is white, and the other is mixed (but looks black).
    I guess the point to all of this is that we all have experienced our own share of discrimination – whether from color, skin complexion, or beliefs. I’m not going to allow mine to determine my future – But I never thought about having to tell my kids about it all! I can imagine it being a bit challenging, like the “birds & the bees”. I’ll pray that when the time comes, you’ll have the right words and courage to talk to him. 🙏
    God Bless! 😊
    – ‘Quayla (Miss LQ)

  3. Mr. James,
    Wondering if you have put your piano chords on paper for your version of All of me by John Legend? I think your version is phenomenal and would like to try and learn your version. I have recently started to learn piano. Thank you and hope to hear back from you.

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