I met a Human last night

I met a Human last night.

Seems like a weird sentence, but I met a Human last night.

We often collide with others as we hurtle through life, presenting only our pre-exposed facades and pretenses, but it seems increasingly fleeting to purposely engage further, become three dimensional, especially with a “stranger.” However, in moments when we let our guards down, beautiful synergy can emerge.

So, I met a human last night. We, having never met before, but brought together by a common denominator, were caught in each other’s orbit for no more than 2 hours. Yet, I walked away with stories of his family, his children, his divorce, and ups and downs in the professional realm. We spoke of common brokenness and paths of healing. Betrayal and trust. Depression and hope. Destruction and rebuilding. Dwelling and learning to move forward. Blood was left on the table, admittedly more his than mine, but a real. thing. happened.

I got his name (that I remember it is a tiny miracle in itself yet a testament to the moment) but no other information was exchanged. No expectation or plan to meet again. No fundamental new friendship accord was struck. Just an honest, dramatic, real conversation was had… in the moment. It’s value measured by its depth and its brevity.

Truths were shared because it was clear that truths were appreciated. Moments such as these are rare gems, often hidden beneath a world of the superficial. I cherish all I am fortunate to excavate.

I met a Human last night.


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