Rest in Peace, Macallan

Mac was my brother-in-law’s English Boxer. Coolest dog ever. Mac, was put down today.

See, I’m allergic to basically anything that has fur, feathers, or breathes, so I can’t really have pets. This is an extreme bummer because I love dogs more than most other things. I loved Mac more than most dogs. My children loved Mac because, they’re allergic too and he’s the closest thing they could have to a dog of their own.

But Macallan was suffering, and that suffering had to be ended. And now, my children, at least my 5-year-old son, will need to understand what death is because he no longer will see Mac when we go see Uncle B. or the Grandparents.

Death happens. It is inevitable. But it should not be feared.

Death is a weird thing but only because Life is a weird thing. Life is fleeting. If you focus on the details it can grind you to a halt, but if you can find the larger picture, the inner rhythm, the whole experience is quite beautiful.

Look, imagine life as standing on a beach.

If you stand there in the sand, sometimes is cold. Sometimes it’s hot.

Often times, it’s just right.

There are sea shells and bird sounds. The sound of the ocean waves washing in and out. People smiling and having a good time, playing games, paddling boats and boards, snorkeling.

The sound of music, the smell of saltwater or fresh food and drink.

And yes, there are also snickers wrapper here and there, empty cans and cups, other trash – Things that add to the equation negatively.

Things that will bring your whole experience down if you focus on just them, yet, if you can find a sense of quiet and stillness, sink your toes in the sand, and take it all in at once…

All in concert…. Your breath matching the tide…There’s a rhythm to the beach.

There’s a rhythm to life.

An Ebbing and a flowing.

An in and an out.

You stand with you feet buried in the warm sand, face in a cool breeze, taking it all in at once.

As you inhale deeply, water crosses your feet as the tide crashes in.

As you exhale, the wind wafts across your wet feet as the tide pulls back out.

In and out

In and out

Like the planet that holds you close is breathing on you.

In and out, Like the breath of life.

Macallan came to us like the tide washing in. His enthusiasm and excitement to see you was as refreshing as the water washing over your toes and up to your knees, washing away the sand grinding against your life – your existence – cleansing you from the monotonous burdens of the day.

Now, the tide is moving away again as Macallan has left us. But as you never forget that first trip to the beach, that first immersion in essence of our home breathing in and out, sustaining us all, we will never forget Macallan.

The next wave brings the next adventure, and the adventure that follows.

Nothing ever the same, yet everything always new…

Until our wave comes and we find that we too are the adventure.

Thank you Macallan.


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