writing is harder than talking

I’m going to test out a podcast for a while. I don’t expect many to listen to it, but it’s fun and therapeutic for me. Topics will range all over the place but will basically be intended for young married couples and parents who are just taking it a day at a time.

When my wife helps out, they will be called Jam Sessions. We have a twitter handle for that @WillDeeJam. So if you have questions or comments, hit us up there.

You can also send questions or comments to my twitter handle @Willjamesmusic.

We’re going to have fun, trust me.

The first episode is pure stream of conscious. I just wanted to get started and see if I could manage to talk for a while. It’s random. My wife said it’s good. I hate everything, so I’ll trust her.

Let’s see where this goes.

Episode 1 – Strem of ConsciousIMG_2621

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