Fatherhood – Chapter 2: Love Completely

What do you see in this video?

I’m biased, but I’ll tell you what I see…

Pure and Complete Love

See I’ve seen all kinds of love before: the love of a friend for a friend; romantic love; a child’s love for a parent; a parent’s love for a child… Each type of love seems to inform me more deeply and fully about the others.

But having had these two children in my life has introduced me to a whole new level of love … this pure-complete love.

At 7 months old, my baby girl thinks her big brother hung the moon for her. She always wants to know where he is and what he is doing. Whatever he does she wants to watch … study … repeat.

She has shown little interest in learning to crawl because he walks. She has shown little interest in bottles because he uses cups.

Where he goes, she wants to go.  When he is gone, she looks for him. She shows clear signs of missing him when he’s been at school.

She perks up when his name is mentioned, and when she hears him enter the room. His presence, brings her joy. No…simply, her awareness of his presence brings her joy.

She loves him completely.

Now, I know that seems obvious… Of course she loves her big brother. It’s what siblings do. Sure. I have siblings, I get it.

But until I parented siblings, I never understood.

As Kaitlyn’s parents, she loves us in a pure way as well. But it’s different. We quickly became people she depends on for taking care of all of her needs and teaching her structure. We always try to do what’s best for her, which is confusing at times. She doesn’t always understand what we are doing. Her parents are complicated.

But her Big Brother’s not. What’s interesting is, she doesn’t even really know what a big brother is. She just knows…her big brother.

He’s just always been there, since the beginning. Loving everything about her.

And he’s the best big brother. He takes such good care of her. He watches over her. He worries when she cries. He loves to show her something new and teach her things he’s learned. He shares the things he loves the most with her. He loves to be near her. He wants to be as close to her as he can as much as he can. He will do anything to bring a smile to her face. Which is why he was the first person to make her laugh.

He loves her completely

Someday, it will probably change. Their relationship will get complicated.

But right now… the love between those two kids is pure and perfect. I only know one other thing like it. My Big Brother loves me like that.

He’s been there since the beginning. Loving everything about us. He’s taken such good care of us. He watches over us. He worries when we cry. He loves to teach us new ways of being and viewing the world around us. He has already shared the things He loves most with us. He even gave His life. He wants us near Him, and misses us when are not present. He wants to be as close to us as He can as much as He can. He loves us more than we can ever understand.

He loves us completely.

And now, watching my children together, I’m learning about that love and how to love Him back.

Like Kaitlyn, I want to know where my Big Bro is and what He’s doing in my life. When I feel separated from Him, I miss Him. I want to follow Him wherever He leads. I want to love because He loves. I want to recognize and appreciate His true presence. See, He isn’t out there pointing fingers and judging and making lists of our every behavior. He already knows my faults and has already forgiven me. Now he just wants to show me the way.

Just as Kaitlyn has her big brother to grow with, my Big Bro is right here growing with me.

I want to love and trust my Big Brother the way Kaitlyn loves and trusts hers.

Whatever He is doing, I want to watch…study…repeat.

I want simply, for my awareness of His presence to bring me joy!

I want to love Him completely.

So I pray for us all as Paul did in Ephesians Chapter 3:

16 I ask God from the wealth of his glory to give you power through his Spirit to be strong in your inner selves, 17 and I pray that Christ will make his home in your hearts through faith. I pray that you may have your roots and foundation in love, 18 so that you, together with all God’s people, may have the power to understand how broad and long, how high and deep, is Christ’s love. 19 Yes, may you come to know his love—although it can never be fully known—and so be completely filled with the very nature of God.

featured image photo credit: ohmydearphotography.com – C. DeSpain

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